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September 2006

  • Meet the Lovely Lucy Bowden!
  • The New York Times And All Around The Country *******Women In Fly Fishing Are In The News*******
  • Five Colors Of Vests - Something For Everyone!
  • CampExperience 2006 - Inspiration And A Lot Of Fun - The Birth of An Amazing Annual Event
  • It's The Mission Of Fly Fishin'
  • Fish Like A Girl Photo Gallery
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  • The New York Times And All Around The Country *******Women In Fly Fishing Are In The News*******

    Women are getting quite a bit of recognition in fly fishing! We do it our way....having fun, enjoying the beauty of the incredible outdoors, making friends and working on getting good at casting and catching.

    AP writer, Pat Graham did such a great job of capturing the joy that I and 17 other women experienced in a clinic in Colorado. It's been fun watching this article as newspapers and online media sites have picked it up all around the country.

    Read about it at: 08/15/ .html

    Five Colors Of Vests - Something For Everyone!

    Lucy is modelling the pink vest which is trimmed in ivory and raspberry. Also available are three sand colored vests, trimmed in raspberry, purple or black. Another popular selection is the blue spruce trimmed in black.. If you're tired of wearing look alike men's vests or sage green and khaki, try one of these delicious vests designed for women to fit a woman's body.

    CampExperience 2006 - Inspiration And A Lot Of Fun - The Birth of An Amazing Annual Event

    "Fly Fishing was selected as everyone's favorite at the July 19-21, 2006 CampExperience at Copper Mountain Resort. For many it was a life-long dream to fly fish on the shore of a beautiful high mountain lake... and Char and Kathy were wonderful leaders." Betsy Wiersma, Head Camp Counselor Extraordinaire

    What a time we had. Can you imagine spending 2.5 days with 170 women from all roads of life. Our "camp counselors" were best selling authors, a nationally acclaimed singer/songwriter, a top psychic intuitive, reflexologists...oh, I can't list everyone here. And YES, we did wear our belly dancing skirts to Fly Fishing 101. The fish had nothing to fear. After we slapped the water a few hundred times learning to cast, the fish rose out of the water just beyond our reach. They sure looked like they were laughing.

    Over $19,000 was raised to support transitional housing for homeless women and children. You can read all about Camp 2006 and sign up for Camp 2007 @ Please don't miss this event, it is life changing.

    It's about women helping women and doing good things for the world. Just think about it, when you take one of my clinics, or if I teach you to fly fish, ski or snowboard, we're helping other women and children along the way. 100% of the money I receive from my teaching goes to the Denver Rescue Mission's Champa House. Basically, I sell my product but I give away my time to these women who are working hard to change their lives and the lives of their children. It's a WIN, WIN, WIN. I win because I'm meeting you, you win because you're learning to fly fish! While doing that, we're giving to a very worthy cause. The magical lesson I've learned is that I could never give as much as I get in return. I invite you to join me.

    How cool is this...Jill W. of Wisconsin's Fly Fishing Wedding!! Betty F., Char and Sarah B. on the Blue River, CO; Ann R., CO; Yasmine W. age 7, NJ; Cat F, CA; and Linda R. from Ohio is wearing pants to match her red hair. Ladies, thank you so much for all the great photos! Email me a picture of yourself. I'd love to add it to the Fish Like A Girl gallery page on my website.

    Next Issue:

    Story and photos of the first ever International Women Fly Fishers' Keystone Rendezvous 2006. See how women park, how we fish, and how over 20 women came together to share an incredible four days together.

    More great products for the upcoming holiday season.

    'Til next time.... Laheo, Char

    Let's All Help Each Other

    Meet the Lovely Lucy Bowden!

    Lucy Bowden is a lovely, ambitious young woman who has an absolute passion for fly fishing. She learned from her father who learned from his. Here's what Lucy has to say, "I started two years ago to encourage women in the UK into fishing. I believe fishing is an activity anyone can take part in, that no matter your age, race, gender or ability- anyone can fish! I sell women's clothing and equipment on the site and I love the Char Bloom garments. Char Bloom has been very successful both on my website and at trade shows I have attended throughout the year. The garments are perfectly designed for the female angler, with fantastic colors and fit and with pockets in all the right places. I absolutely love my pink fishing vest!" A website for keen anglers nibbling for a bite.

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