There were many features I wanted in a vest that I just couldn't find. Besides, I didn't want to settle for a men's vest in (supposedly) women's sizes. And I didn't want to look like the guy next to me. After years of searching, I decided to design my own women's specific fly fishing vest in five different color combinations.

If you're a woman who would like to blend in with a flower bed or a tube of lipstick, the tri-colored dusty rose vest trimmed in ivory and raspberry or the sand vest trimmed in raspberry are just for you. They are both quite delicious and certain to perk up any river or lake. The sand vest trimmed in purple is very feminine and the color purple is a bit magical. The spruce vest trimmed in black is a traditional look. This color is more classic and blends in with the environment. Whatever you choose, you owe it to yourself to sparkle, to try something new!

So, ladies, I'm proud to introduce these well-crafted, highly organized and stunningly attractive vests.

Treat yourself to one of these limited edition vests now. Then email me a picture of yourself. I'd love to show you off on my website!

Fully Loaded

Fully Loaded

To fully load your vest, follow the "Operating Instructions" below:

The right chest has a slash pocket perfect for a cell phone, walkie-talkie, etc. Next to it is a "garage" for a flexible neck flashlight. You can also hide your pin-on retractor under this. The chest pocket is trimmed down and is actually two pockets...perfect for your license and for a couple packs of leader. Both chest pockets are narrow since I believe we don't need a lot of stuff dangling off this part of our bodies. The fly patch is hidden under the chest pocket flap to give a clean look and also so you could clearly see my logo. Next to the pocket is an elastic sleeve for lip gloss. Above the chest pocket is a Velcro loop for the hydration hose and/or a rod tip holder.

The elastic loops over the lower pockets are for hanging your doodads. It's my alternative to a lanyard. This way when you are netting that giant trout, all your tools won't be swimming in the net with the poor girl. Inside the lower pocket is stitched-elastic sewn at the proper lengths to hold sun block, pepper spray, insect repellent, etc. in place. No more big lump of miscellaneous products piled up in the bottom of your pockets. Additionally, every pocket has an elastic loop inside so you can hook anything you want to it. I learned this after my fly box took a trip of it's own down the Colorado River in a big wind. Now I chain it to my pocket.

The back pocket is four pockets. The innermost pocket is built for a hydration reservoir which I have available in two sizes. It fastens to a snap hook located under the back pocket flap. Over that pocket is the mesh pocket, then two smaller pockets. What are they all for? I don't know. Being ladies, however, I'm sure we can find a use for them.

Adjustable belt straps that can be loosened or cinched depending on how many layers of clothing you are wearing under your vest.

Inside Out
The inside chest pocket on each of these vests contains an extremely high quality Crystal Eyes Micro fiber Lens Cloth . . . sewn into the pocket so you can't lose it. You can also store your magnifiers or sunglasses in here where they will stay clean and safe from scratches, etc. There are a few other pockets inside the vest for storing things you don't want anyone to see.