Hi Char!

Gordy here, just got back from a trip to NW Montana fishing with Tim Linehan and crew and thought I'd send you a pic of Connie in her vest with one of 15 trout she caught one day on dries.  We were fishing the Yaak river, smaller fish but lots of 'em and great scenery.  Hope your year is going well.


Gordy, (Washington)


Dear Char,   

My name is Scott and I was exited to see your new line of fly fishing gear for women at the conference in San Rafael,  CA. My girlfriend, Taryn, absolutely loves her pink fishing vest. Here she is having an awesome day stripping streamers and catching many rainbow trout like the one shown here on a recent trip out to Aspen, Colorado. Thanks for helping her be "more comfortable" in an already challenging sport. In her mind, it doesn't get any better than catching fish in a pink vest.

Thanks, Scott (California)

"Take me to the river in my Char Bloom vest!"

-Kathleen D, (California)

Char:  Here's a pic of your vest in action.  It was taken on the Missouri a couple of weeks ago.  I was very happy with the vest, even with many layers underneath.  Color-wonderful.  Lots of comments.  Love all the hidden pockets and attachments.  I tell all fly shops, etc. about your products.    Take Care, Judi - Colorado

I'm so glad that you make these vests because I like the design and all of the pockets to keep my stuff in.  I love going fishing with my dad but I'm glad my vest doesn't look like his.  I'm going to give your pretty pink vest to my kids when I grow up.      Eryn, 9












I think my vest is beautiful and I like to fish in it.  It is my first fishing vest and I really love it. Pink is my favorite color.  I like the pink hat you have because it goes with my vest.  It is very fun to have my first ever vest and I'm glad it's pink.      Makenzie, 6

I was wearing one of your very light, comfortable and fashionable vests when I caught and released this 20" rainbow at Vermejo Park Ranch in northern New Mexico last month.  I got the vest at your booth at the Fly Fishing Show in Denver in January.  I'd like to have you work with me with my casting, I have some bad habits I need to rid myself of.   Thanks,   Shirley - Colorado